Currently, Boran genetics are in demand from farmers all over the world, and Ol Pejeta Beef is in a strong position to supply these.


Fully Registered Animals

All of our stud herd are inspected by independent Boran Cattle Breeder Society judges, before being passed as either Foundation, Pure Bred or Pedigree. Only the best cattle are used as replacements, based on their physical conformation and attributes as well as their performance history. The Boran Cattle Breeders’ Society was formed in 1953 to ensure the breed integrity and standards are maintained and improved, from a holistic perspective.


On Ol Pejeta we pride ourselves on breeding tough, resilient, medium-framed Boran that thrive in the harshest of conditions. Our stud herd has one goal: to produce genetics that enhance our commercial herd. We do not breed our animals for the showground, or the auction ring: we have maintained a herd that remains pure to purpose, while still meeting high standards of conformation and performance. We aim to strike a balance by producing cattle that look as good as they perform; they are bred foremost to eat, walk and reproduce efficiently, with minimal management or extra support.  We also do not supplementary feed our breeding cows, which ensures that only cattle able to perform naturally, in a real-life environment, make the cut, guaranteeing the positive evolution of our herd.

Fastest Growing Breed

The Boran is the fastest growing beef breed in South Africa, and is growing in popularity around the world. South Africa imported their first Boran embryos from Ol Pejeta many years ago, and there are now over 40,000 registered animals. A good 50% of these genetics can be traced back to Ol Pejeta bloodlines.

International Demand

The success of this breed has created an unprecedented demand for the Boran in all dry-land areas of Africa. Ol Pejeta genetics have been sent to Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa, in the form of live bulls and heifers, and semen from our top bulls (Artificial Insemination).