Ol Pejeta maintains a herd of 7,500 free-range Boran beef cattle. Our top quality beef is sought after by Nairobi’s best butchers and restaurants, as well as some of Kenya’s most luxurious lodges and resorts.



We pride ourselves on providing consistent quality, all year round. We believe that the only way to ensure that top quality beef reaches our customers is to be in control of the entire farming process – from breeding and calving, to rearing, fattening and slaughter. We have our own stud, graze cattle on the natural pastures around us and have an on-site abattoir. We know the lineage, medical history and diet of each animal, and because we grow and bank 100% of our own hay, we can provide a reliable, bespoke supply of beef to our customers even in times of drought.

Low Stress

Owning and managing our own abattoir has reduced our transport costs and carbon footprint, and enables us to ensure the highest hygiene and processing standards are adhered to. Most importantly however, it means a low-stress slaughter process for our cattle, which do not have to be loaded on to trucks and transported great distances. Stressed animals produce adrenaline, which greatly impairs meat quality.


Ol Pejeta was originally a cattle and sheep ranch, with a separate conservation area exclusively for tourism. In those days it was believed that tourism could not function where cattle were involved - and vice versa. Ol Pejeta changed the narrative in 2004, becoming one of the first fully integrated conservancies, opening all of its interior fences to allow wildlife movement. Since then Ol Pejeta continues to lead the way in wildlife/livestock integration.

Responsible Management

Our beef is antibiotic free, and our cattle are never given hormones. We also go to great lengths to make sure that Ol Pejeta maintains the highest levels of animal husbandry. They are bred, born and raised with care and respect. 


We are committed to providing you with healthy, happy beef.